Welcome to the Redolent Cherry, my own little nook on the web!


Redolent? Cherry? What?

Whenever I visit a new blog, the about me page is the first thing I read. I guess it's because I like to know who I'm visiting exactly, just like in real life, to get the feel of the person.

So here we go. My name is Cami (Camelia), I am 28, I was born and raised in a magical place called Transylvania. (Which is an area in Romania, not the setting for a vampire novel, thanks!). We are known for beautiful landscapes, cultural traditions, a very recognizable area accent, and being extremely good and welcoming hosts. Some of which has translated to me. I loved being in my parents' garden, and I still dream about the days I've had growing up. Somehow, I often find myself seeking comforting moments in my current daily life that remind me of my childhood, and a lot of them revolve around food. So choosing the word redolent to describe this works out well. The scent of cherries is probably my favorite one in the world, and I've also had a gorgeous cherry tree in my garden growing up, which my grandfather planted not long before I was born. I've had quite an adventure in that tree as a kid!

the magical garden I grew up in

the magical garden I grew up in

Fast-forward a few years later, after graduating from high school, I've moved to the capital city of Romania, Bucharest, to study and see what a big city could offer to a small town girl like me. I wanted to be a film director, because I was passionate about art cinema and I thought the seventh art form would combine all my great loves, music, literature and photography into one, but after I failed the admission exam, I went to my back-up plan of studying foreign languages. I loved discovering new cultures and languages, and I'd been studying English since I was 7 years old, so it came naturally to me. After 7 years of studying and working as a translator in Bucharest (where I had my rented studio apartment with a tiny kitchen - the kitchen I learned to cook in), I moved to Helsinki to follow... love.

I now live in Helsinki, Finland with my fiancé, a Finn who thoroughly enjoys my cooking! :)

P.S. Nico Havia made beautiful logo on this website, check out his portfolio on Behance!