Fluffy omelet (with whatever you want!)

Fluffy omelet (with whatever you want!)

I promised a few days ago on my post about how to entertain guests that I will share my go-to simple & delicious omelet recipe for brunch. Here we go:

Fluffy omelet (adaptable to your personal tastes)

recipe from my kitchen

serves 1 (double the ingredients for 2)

time it takes: 10 minutes

difficulty: breezy


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • salt

I also used: bacon strips, potato condiment, green onion, tomatoes

You could try the following ingredients, if they are more to your taste...

  • mushrooms instead of bacon if you're vegetarian
  • chopped parsley inside the beaten eggs mixture instead of green onions
  • any veggies you prefer, like chopped bell peppers
  • your favorite grated cheese (sprinkle it in the middle at step 3 at fold it in two, or just sprinkle it on top when it's done & hot)
  • a sprinkle of ground cayenne pepper in the egg mixture

One thing you should know about omelets and eggs in general, when you cook them in a pan, they should always be eaten right away (like a steak!).

Let's get cookin'!

1. Heat up a small frying pan. Add the bacon strips in (if you're using mushrooms or other veggies, add some butter with them, and a pinch of salt) and let them crisp up a bit...

2. While that is cooking, beat up the eggs in a little bowl. Add some salt (and seasoning of choice), throw the butter in the pan...

3. Then add the beaten eggs on top. Wait a few seconds, and then do this:

4. Doing the little foldy thing (basically pulling the cooked part of the omelet and letting the raw egg on top go to the bottom) helps all the omelet soak up the butter, and it all gives it a very fluffy texture. Flip it once and let it sit for a few seconds, then turn it on a plate. Alternatively, you can cover it with a lid for a couple of minutes.

5. Sprinkle your chopped green onion, chives, grated cheese, or arrange the fresh veggies next to it on the plate. Works great with freshly toasted bread, but I don't have to tell you that!

Eat right away. Enjoy!

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